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– Director

Mr Siddharthan is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple ventures through rapid and continuous growth. A Mechanical Engineering graduate from CIT, Coimbatore who is also an expert in surface finishing technology led him to join Acetech in the late ’90s and has been propelling the Acetech Group of Entities ever since.

Focus, purview, and sharp business management skills have helped him span Acetech start new verticals and achieved the heights of prominence that it is has reached today.


A technology and industry master, Mr D.Siddharthan embraced the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, began his career in the year 1987 by establishing Techforms. The winning combination of dedicated efforts and striving for exponential growth made him a potential factor in the growth trajectory of Acetech.

Ardent about technology, large-scale growth, and customer experience, Siddharthan launched green housing promoters and city housing promoters in 2004. A phenomenon that has become increasingly common is reasonably priced housing that incorporates sustainable features. Focusing on his specialty he put into operation a powder coating firm – Premier Precision surface in 2005.

Recognizing the growing market for tunnel laundry, Siddharthan catalyzed Fabrique Laundromats and launched the brand “STTORM” in 2015, the first of its kind in South India to hyper-growth while maintaining service delivery. Fabrique Laundromat has positioned itself as the forerunner in the retail laundry service industry in both B2B and B2C models. Feeding his insatiable interest in the digital media, he embarked the role of director in Skyrams Outdoor Advertising.

Mr D.Siddharthan is a compassionate person and a Trustee in the Vanam India Foundation, that is on a noble cause of planting a massive of 3,50,000 trees in TamilNadu. The go-to hobby for Mr D. Siddharthan is to bury himself in music and literature. He spends quality time reading materials that are enlightening and helps him be one whose judgment is respected and sought after.

– MD

A manufacturing industry veteran with over 28 years of experience in the manufacturing and fabrication industry is the Managing Director of Acetech Group of Entities. He meticulously crafted, steered, and presided over the growth
and expansion of its operations, including its global reach.


Before laying the foundations of his own business ventures, Mr D. Srinivasan – a Mechanical Engineering graduate, actuated his career in Techforms, a pioneer in the manufacturing of continuous printed and non-printed stationery in 1993. He helped the organization take on the challenges of the early digital age, ensuring its position as a leading innovator as well as expand its reach in half the country.

Mr D. Srinivasan took over the reins of Acetech in 2002. In everything he does, he ensures that the customers are front-and-centre in all strategic decisions. His penchant for Operational Execution, Business Excellence Process, and Business Development championed Acetech India into a Global Corporate. Which later diversified into ventures like Manufacturing, Information Technology, Advertising Services, Smart City Solutions, Digital Media and Laundromat services.

Being a passionate person, his confidence in people and his love for nature drove him towards eco-friendly initiatives that undertakes sustainable projects revolving around the concept of giving back to the environment.

Giving back to his community, Mr D. Srinivasan supports and funds the educational needs of the less fortunate. His compassion for the elderly always gets the better of him. He is one of the first to inspire people to take action by conducting blood donation camps in Coimbatore every year.

Mr D. Srinivasan is an honorary Associate Committee member of the Madras Cosmopolitan Club since 2018. Other than being an automobile enthusiast, he also served as the Secretary of Coimbatore District Tennis Association (CDTA) in 2013 and currently fulfills the position as the President this year.